Student worksheet level 1 coral reefs where in the world answer ...


Look at the graph to the right. What does it show? Why do you think corals have declined since ? Gizmo Warm-up Coral reefs are some of the most diverse habitats on Earth, home to over a quarter of all marine species. In the Coral Reefs 1exploration, you will focus on the effects of environmental factors on Caribbean reefs. Click Advance year 10 times.

Look carefully at the composition of the reef over time. Do you see any major changes? Select the DATA tab. Check that Staghorn coral, Star coral, Sponges, and Algae are selected.

Coral Reef

Populations are given as a percentage of normal populations. Click Advance year 15 times. What do you notice about these populations? In a healthy reef, what are the values for Nutrient load, Water clarity, Coral cover, and the total number of fish species? Click Restart. Introduction: A healthy Caribbean reef is home to over 50 species of coral and over fish species.

In this simplified model, we only consider the interactions of ten important species. Question: How do different species interact in a healthy coral reef? For each organism, give its name and what it eats or how it obtains energy. How do you think corals would be affected by cloudy, muddy water? Their food supply would be low because the cloudy, muddy water would block the sun form reaching it Classify: A producer is an organism that makes its own energy, usually from sunlight.

A consumer is an organism that gets energy by feeding on other organisms. Which of the reef organisms in this Gizmo are producers? Which of the reef organisms are consumers. Check that Ocean conditions is selected on the dropdown menu.

Introduction: In recent decades, global climate change has altered ocean conditions in the Caribbean. Average surface temperatures have risen about 0. Many scientists think climate change will lead to stronger storms and may cause the ocean to be more acidic. Question: How are coral reefs affected by storms, high temperatures, and acidic water?

Predict: Coral reefs in the Caribbean are sometimes damaged by hurricanes.

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Of the two types of coral shown, which do you think is more resistant to storm damage? What changes do you notice? Which organism was most hurt by increased storms? Click Return to original settings and Restart. The white corals you see have undergone coral bleaching. At high temperatures, corals may lose their zooxanthellae, causing corals to lose their color and their main source of food. Once bleaching occurs, the coral colony usually dies.Author: Created by EncounterEdu.

Created: Sep 19, Updated: Feb 4, This lesson will look at the impacts of coral reef destruction, categorising those impacts. We discover the impacts to different stake holders in Timor-Leste through watching videos. Students will then write a letter to their local MP informing them of the threats the coral reefs are facing and why they need protection.

This lesson is from the Coral Oceans Geograpy unit. The unit delivers a comprehensive understanding of coral reefs. Through the use of our exclusive galleries, videos and online resources, students will develop their knowledge and understanding of what coral reefs are, why they are important and how to protect them.

The unit includes challenging lessons on abiotic components such as the nutrient cycle and biotic factors such as food chains. To experience the full impact of this scheme of work it can be taught in advance of our annual Coral Live event. Read more. Report a problem.

Earth's Ecosystem: The Coral Reef

View more. Author: Created by EncounterEdu Preview. Share Email Post. Preview and details Files included 3. Presentation pptx, KB. Worksheet pdf, KB. Lesson plan pdf, KB. Creative Commons "Sharealike". Other resources by this author. Popular paid resources. Updated resources.Teachers, not yet a subscriber? Access this article and hundreds more like it with a subscription to Science World magazine. Can the reef recover? It stretches some 2, kilometers 1, miles and was built entirely by coral polyps.

These tiny marine organisms live in colonies and build hard skeletons under themselves, forming reefs see How Corals Build Reefs.

Coral reefs provide food and shelter for fish and other animals. Normally, the Great Barrier Reef is bursting with life. This March, biologists made an alarming discovery: They found that 93 percent of the Great Barrier Reef is suffering from coral bleachingwhen the corals that make up a reef turn white.

These tiny sea creatures live in colonies. They build hard skeletons under themselves, forming reefs see How Corals Build Reefs. These structures provide food and shelter for fish and other animals. But recently, the reef has come under threat. So have others like it around the globe. Biologists made an alarming discovery this March. They found that 93 percent of the Great Barrier Reef is suffering from coral bleaching.

Bleaching happens when corals are exposed to water temperatures that are warmer than usual. Warmer water puts stress on corals. In response, they expel tiny plantlike organisms, called algaethat normally live inside their tissues and give them their color. The corals protect the algae, and the algae make food for the corals. Bleaching happens when water temperatures are warmer than usual.

In response, they push out algae that normally live inside their tissues. These tiny, plant-like organisms give corals their color. This relationship is an example of mutualism. The corals protect the algae. And the algae make food for the corals. Corals also capture prey. But scientists believe that algae provide corals with up to 90 percent of their energy. When temperatures get too high, the algae living in corals can no longer function.

Ocean temperatures have been on the rise because of global climate change. The combined effects have caused the longest-lasting coral-bleaching event on record. The bleaching started in The algae living in corals can no longer work when temperatures get too high.See All.

See All Free Gizmos. Explore the abiotic factors that affect Caribbean coral reefs. Many factors can be manipulated in this simplified reef model, including ocean temperature and pH, storm severity, and input of excess sediments and nutrients from logging, sewage, and agriculture. Click "Advance year" to see how the reef responds to these changes.

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There are many units of study this Gizmo falls under and can be used multiple times. I am concerned about the answer key, pg 2: food source for corals should be the zooplankton ie algae that uses photosynthesis Recommended for: Middle School Life Science Gizmo User from Ontario. Great for environmental science. Only subscribing teachers can contribute lesson materials. Only subscribing teachers can add recommendations. Message: A visitor has shared a Gizmo from ExploreLearning.

Close Send. Message: Check out this Gizmo from ExploreLearning! Close Tweet. Subscribers Get: Access to community lesson materials. Access to ALL Gizmo lesson materials, including answer keys. Customizable versions of all lesson materials. Close Get Purchasing Info. You need a modern browser or flash to view this video. Visit the Help Center Contact Us.This activity allows students to use authentic scientific data to make claims about the threat of coral bleaching for reefs around the world.

Students download temperature and satellite data files for coral reef sites around the world. They then graph and analyze the data for one coral reef location. Students report and summarize the data from the whole class on a set of world maps.

After observing global trends in the data, students evaluate the threat of heat stress for various coral reefs. It would be helpful for students to have basic computer skills and be familiar with the use of a spreadsheet program. Students should also be familiar with the use of scientific modeling to make predictions.

The ZIP file contains all the documents needed to complete the full activity: student worksheet, maps, and graphs. Please see the Terms of Use for information on how this resource can be used. Skip to main content. Coral Reefs and Global Warming. Share This. Description This activity allows students to use authentic scientific data to make claims about the threat of coral bleaching for reefs around the world.

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Student Learning Targets Make evidence-based claims about the threat of rising ocean temperatures to coral reefs. Identify global patterns by comparing data from three world maps. Graph data using spreadsheet software and estimate the area under a curve.

Coral Bleaching

Details Estimated Time. Educator Tips Hear how educators are using BioInteractive content in their teaching. Scott Sowell describes how he uses the coral bleaching animation and activity to teach his ecology students about the effects of global warming, while also integrating math and graphing skills into his lesson.

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Coral Reefs for Kids - Learn about the 3 types of coral reefs Fringe, Barrier and Atoll

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